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Who Is Khadijah

I am proud to announce that I will be pa

"I want to change the World,
one race at a time."
- Khadijah Diggs

Khadijah is a Mother, Project Manager and a Team USA and Silver Ironman All-World Triathlete.  Her MISSION is to Promote a Positive Image of Muslim Women and Islam in General through Sport.


"Training and racing started off as my therapy to recover from a failing marriage and the loss of loved ones to cancer. It has remained that but has also become how I express myself and share who I am as Muslim, a Mother and a Woman." Her GOAL is to open dialogue and connect women of all backgrounds on a personal level by sharing common experiences, joys and struggles through healthy living, group training and healthy competition. "I have learned traveling all over the country and the World to race, that at the core, we are more the same than different.  The struggles of motherhood and just being female are universal and it binds us as women."


Never imagining the state the World in 2020, during the 2018 off-season, Khadijah started a series of free Web Get-Togethers open to everyone, to discuss common and not so common endurance athlete topics. "Its an amazing opportunity for experienced triathletes to share experience and experiences with new triathletes. It's like having everyone over, just online." These webinars can be found on her YouTube Channel or on Google Podcasts for your morning or evening commute.

“I want to change the World, one race at a time!!”


Her MANTRAS are:




#LiveByLove and


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